Dynamically adding input with data does not work


I have a form to which I add inputs with data downloaded from localStorage (these are customer order data, such as the number of services and prices). All elements generate correctly, but when configuring KwesForms I get the error “Something went wrong :frowning: Please contact our support team! We’re happy to help.”

Additionally, when the input with data goes to the form, he gets a general error: “Your form has some setup errors :(” and an error for each of them: “This field must have a” name “attribute.”

Of course, each input has all the required attributes.

Below is a function that adds inputs with downloaded data from localStorage:

let generateFormInputItems = () => {

if (appStorage.length !== 0) {

    return (orderItemsBox.innerHTML = appStorage

        .map(x => {

            let { id } = x;

            let search = orderItemsData.find(x => x.id === id) || [];

            return `

                <input type="hidden" id="service-${search.id}" "name="${search.category}" value="${search.name}: ${search.price} zł">




} else {

    orderItemsSummary.innerHTML = ``;

    orderItemsBox.innerHTML = ``;




Please let me know what am I doing wrong?


Welcome to our community Martin. @Miguel from our dev team is looking into this. He’ll reply with his findings here.